Cusick in eastern Oregon’s Powder River Valley in the early 1870s (Like 2007, St

Cusick in eastern Oregon’s Powder River Valley in the early 1870s (Like 2007, St

Grey discovered that title Toumeya needed to be omitted, as it was made use of prior to now to name a keen alga. Grey, next, took it through to themselves so you’re able to christen the brand new plant Neviusia alabamensis into the 1858 (Davenport 2012, Gray 1858, Howard 1967), that has been all well-and-a beneficial, until Charles Pollard (1900) wrote a preliminary paper describing his trip to Tuscaloosa to get Neviusia alabamensis. W. S. Wyman, who had been Dr. Nevius’ spouse into excursion when the development was made. Out-of their interesting account We learned that Dr. Gray erred ascribing new development of your own bush in order to Dr. Nevius; for this was first noticed by the Dr. Wyman, who’d went on particular length just before his associate. These circumstances haven’t become generated personal, as far as I know, and is sad the laws from botanical nomenclature stop the brand new replacement away from Wymania to own Neviusia” (Pollard 1900).

Sadly, Pollard’s statements made things away from a botanical snit, since the some individuals translated their comments because the indicative that Nevius had intentionally declined Wyman credit he was owed. Richard Howard’s (1967) breakdown of communications between Gray and you will Nevius demonstrably implies that Nevius are none looking to personal identification, nor normally Wyman’s character inside gathering the first specimens be discussed definitively. Which, any ill usually directed for the Nevius are unjustified as well as the name Neviusia alabamensis because of the Gray try credible. And chapel works and you will vascular plant life, Nevius developed an interest in diatoms, hence triggered their papers “Notes to your environment out of diatoms” (Nevius 1894, Taylor 1914). One sample regarding Neviusia alabamensis An effective. Grey compiled by Nevius away from close Tuscaloosa, Alabama within the 1857 is available in the Putnam Museum herbarium and is probable regarding kind of place.

A set of some ten,100 sheets are sold toward College or university regarding Oregon (Like 2007, St

Hundreds of most specimens gathered because of the Nevius is assessed playing with the fresh new Consortium out of Pacific Northwest Herbaria, iDigBio, and/or SEINet databases. Regrettably, the latest specimens about the latter database reveal that Nevius constantly didn’t mention the new range date and you can/otherwise locality towards the their specimens. However, their plant collection record shows their motions over the region. Nevius’ herbarium specimens regarded out-of Alabama inside 1850s and you can towards the 1860, while you are the individuals regarding west (Oregon, Washington, Idaho) go out primarily throughout the 1870s. Certainly Reuben’s really effective benefits to botany was his chance ending up in rancher William C. John 1923). Evidently both males strike it off, because per is finding your local plants and you may Cusick is already try regularly Asa Gray’s “Basic Instructions into the Botany”.

Which have Nevius due to the fact a teacher, Cusick read best event processes, record keeping (ironically, get a hold of section a lot more than), therefore the names of men and women that have exactly who he may coincide to have plant identification assist. Equally important, it is likely that Cusick learned he may sell sets of plant specimens from the Western West so you’re able to interested collectors. Aside from his determination, Cusick gathered a herbarium one surpassed ten,000 specimens, much of they out of Oregon’s Wallowa and you will Blue Hills. John 1923) and you will several thousand their plant specimens could be analyzed through the Consortium from Pacific Northwest Herbaria, iDigBio, and/otherwise SEINet specimen databases in the above list. As the an aside to Nevius’ scientific activities, Bowery Bagels out of Portland, Oregon features appointed the fresh new “pastrami, sauerkraut, Gruyere” sub on the luncheon diet plan the brand new “Reuben Nevius” (Bowery Bagels 2016).


Reuben’s sis, John Nevius spent the majority of their lifetime due to the fact an effective missionary in the Asia. From inside the 1896 he typed “Demon possession and you will allied layouts” and he features the cause of mental disease to demonic hands, as opposed to psychological or pathological criteria (Nevius 1896). Bowery Bagels. Menu: The Reuben Nevius. Carmichael, Matt. Case 28: Delighted Birthday celebration Reuben Nevius. East Oregon Episcopal Diocese. Cove, Oregon. Davenport, L. J. 2012. Neviusia. Encyclopedia out of Alabama. Auburn College or university. Auburn, Alabama. Davenport, L. J. 2015. Out-of Cro-Magnon so you can Kral: A track record of botany in Alabama. Jrnl. Bot. Res. Inst https://datingranking.net/fr/rencontres-de-tatouage/. Colorado nine:397-431. Debbie K. Margarett Mercer Tuomey Nevius. Come across an excellent grave. Provo, Utah. French, J. H. 1860. Gazetteer of the County of new York. R. Pearsall Smith. Syracuse, New york.

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