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This online platform is led by eminent Homoeopaths who have years of clinical and medical experience.


We provide exclusive learning Courses Through Sparsh

This online platform offers foundation in Homoeopaths Course to Tutoring, revision of portions and preparatory work for examinations.

Features include:
  • Eminent doctors from various states take the courses.
  • Provides guidance
  • Prepares the students in Viva-voce and clinical Trials
Materia Medica

What Is So Interesting About Online Learning?


The employment of technology in learning is itself a great advantage as it allows you to learn through videos, pictures, audio, and gives you the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge about a particular topic.

Ease of monitoring

In a usual physical class, one has to take notes and stay up to date with what the teacher is talking about. In an online class, however, you can pause, reverse, and fast forward lectures according to your convenience.

Excellent faculty

It is not easy to find good teachers for particular subjects. Even if you do, there is a chance that you might have to travel to their house or coaching centre every day to be able to learn the subject well.


If you have finished school, you know how expensive it can be to educate yourself. Online classes give you the same quality education but at a fraction of the price that you would pay at any physical institute.


Explore Materia Medica

Materia medica is a very difficult subject for you to remember the important symptoms and in your practice, it is very difficult to find out a similimun.

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